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What if you quit looking for love and started creating it instead?

If I can do it, trust me, anyone can. 

I am a relationship coach. I've heard it all. Finding love can be a very interesting, if not rocky road. Nothing surprises me when it comes to dating and relationship war stories. I know what that rocky road is like. I was on it for a very long time. I've got some world class war stories myself. 

Let me tell you a little about a few of the men I dated on that long and winding path. 

  • I dated a man/child that was eight years younger than I was for seven years. He was highly dedicated to his fraternity friends from college and sailing around the world. I paid the rent and all the rest of the bills for our entire relationship. 
  • I dated and then moved in with a man who was a pathological liar. His entire life story was a brilliantly constructed work of fiction suitable for a made for TV movie. I was with him for almost a year. I'm still not sure who he actually was. I left him behind in a mental hospital, literally. I got him checked in and never looked back. 
  • I "virtually" dated a man who was deployed to Iraq for several months. Then I promptly let him move into my home upon his return to the states. I thought he had PTSD, only to find out later he was batshit crazy before he ever deployed. That man almost killed me. 
  • I dated a professional athlete who proposed to me three weeks after I broke up with him because he'd spent some quality time with a Cuban hooker on a recruiting trip for his organization. I kept the ring but thankfully ditched the guy. 
  • I almost dated a "perfect match" from on online dating site who I had the good sense to cancel my first scheduled date with. My intuition was screaming NO so loudly I ended up in the hospital with a migraine. He then threatened to kill my family and me. Funny story about that guy - he ended up dating my now husband's ex-wife. He was also apparently her "perfect match." But that's a tale for another day. 
  • I dated another guy for two months who I broke up with me by emailing me a play by play about his weekend with a woman he knew from high school at their reunion. Apparently, he was shocked how attractive and sexy she was because she was a fat slob in high school. She turned out to be a wild thing in the sack. Yeah - I dated that guy. 

These are just a few of the lowlights from my dating and relationships reel. This is not counting my cheating first husband. 

So, now let's skip to the good part. 
I have been happily married to an amazing man who is without a doubt my soulmate, for almost ten years. Our two boys, five dogs, and seven chickens are living the dream. 

So, how did it get from where I was to where I am?

I took myself off the market, I got my shit together, and I quit looking for love in all the wrong places and created the love of my life instead.

Looking for love is a fools game. 
If you've been at it for very long you already know that. 

The smart money is on 
creating the love you want. 

Alignment is the name of the game when you're trying to attract anything. You've got to know what you want with clarity, focus on it deliberately, and put yourself in that vision before the vision is actually real. 

All of that sounds easy, but if it were that easy to do, you'd probably have already done it. 

Alignment is a step by step process. However, when you're in the deep forest of dating, if you're not careful, every time things go wrong, your alignment will slip rather than improve. You end up less and less aligned with every painful breakup or near miss, not quite soulmate encounter. That is a very slippery slope that leads to nightmares instead of dreams come true. 

The Sixty Day Right Relationship Incubator is designed to improve your alignment, step by step, for two months.

We employ the most powerful aspects of visualization and scripting. 

It's not intended to be an overnight fairytale. It's designed to be a daily process for creating the love of your life and nailing your alignment once and for all. 

That is the territory of miracles. 
What I know for sure is this: 
If I can do it anyone can. 
No one can screw things up worse than I did. 

I know first hand the power of alignment. My life is living proof that this stuff isn't wishful thinking or fluff. 

After decades of bad relationship choices and ridiculously painful heartbreaks, I finally hit dating rock bottom. I knew if I didn't figure out my alignment issues best case I would never find real love, worst case I might actually end up dead.

When I finally put my heart and mind to into it, it took me less than two months to get aligned to the love of my life. 

 Are you ready to stop searching and start creating?  
I'm guessing you are. 

$60.00 and 60 days to the love of your life. 
Less than a dollar a day investment into your future.
You should do this. 
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